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I have been banging on objects for a long time. Many failed attempts at melodic instruments resulted in an affinity for the simpler arts such as cooking & drumming. I eventually discovered I had a voice both actual & metaphorical & have also found myself a frustrated guitar player.

My father & mother provided a creative environment which exposed my brother & I to a variety of musical styles & situations. I spent most of my youth accompanying my father to recording sessions where I would stalk & pester Jeff Porcaro, Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta, Alex Acuña, & J.R. Robinson.

I graduated Berklee College of Music in 1993 & landed a tour with guitar hero Steve Vai. I then went on to tour with Seal supporting his second release. I toured & recorded with k.d. lang throughout the late 90’s, co-writing three songs for her “Invincible Summer” album.

In 2001 I was invited to record with Paul McCartney for his “Driving Rain” album. This lead to my first live performance with McCartney; the post 9/11 “Concert for New York”. I have been a part of Paul’s live & recording band ever since, including appearances at two Super Bowls, The Queen’s Golden & Diamond Jubilees, Live 8 & the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Within a week of the “Concert for New York”, I also began working with Sting. I finished the “Brand New Day” tour as well as helped to promote the “All This Time” album. In 2006 I participated in Sting’s stripped down “Broken Music” tour, which heavily featured the songs of “the Police”.

In 2008 I found myself on the road with Eric Clapton & in 2009 I participated in the Clapton & Winwood concerts featuring songs from the “Blind Faith” repertoire.

I have found a new creative outlet in the form of my one man band SPRINKLE.

The album ‘naked’ was released in 2013.

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